Disabled American Veterans

Birmingham Hospital - Chapter 73
     6543 Corbin Avenue     
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

DAV's mission of hope is extended into our community by the DAV Dept of CA Birmingham Hospital Chapter #73

Supporting Veterans

We refuse to leave our veterans behind

DAV membership means more than you might imagine.


Each member strengthens our ability to generate grassroots support for legislative issues that are important to disabled veterans.


Your membership will help ensure that DAVs’ future will be vibrant and strong.


DAV Departments and Chapters that are constantly rejuvenating themselves are the key ingredient to that future.


DAV Membership helps stem the threat to veterans’ programs in Washington, where size often dictates how much attention an organization gets from legislators.


We must continue to remind Congress that we are still around, that we vote, that we know issues at hand.

DAV is a vigorous, responsible, nationwide organization that will keep fighting at the polls and elsewhere for needed veterans programs.


We hope that you, as a DAV life member, will give your full support to this coordinated effort to educate our elected officials on the issues affecting disabled veterans, and on what is required to ensure adequate healthcare and compensation for those who have contributed to preserve our way of life.